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The official wiki for 'The Enchanted Isle' - a popular Minecraft server created by ChooChoosGAMING, Nuropsych1 and Rivergrl21. After a year of preparation, The Enchanted Isle opened its doors in June 2014. Since then it has seen thousands of people logging in, in many different countries. Please help our wiki out by contributing!

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2015-06-25 21.12.11

The new hub.

Recently for TEI's 1st anniversary, The Emerald Isle has transformed into "The Enchanted Isle". With the new "magical mushroom biome" theme transformation, They have also added "Mini Games" and "Survival". You can find out more on the "Mini Games" page and the "Survival" page. Also, TEI's Win VIP Parkour has changed, as you can see at the top of the screen. I don't know how long the transformation will last, but it could be forever.yasssss

it doesnt exist anymore lol

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